UBC Assignment On Constitutional Law-1 Book For LL.B By BZU


Important Topic :

  • British Constitutional Law
  • Sources of English Constitution
  • Conventions
  • Parliamentary Sovereignty
  • House of Lords
  • House of Commons
  • Prime Ministry
  • British Judicial System
  • Rules of Law
  • Fundamentals Rights
  • American Constitutional Law
  • Salient of American Constitutional
  • Concepts of Federations
  • Power of American President
  • System of Check and Balance
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We all are familiar with Constitutional law as an important part of the LLB course. One can never be a successful lawyer unless he is aware of different constitutional laws.
If we search in the market for a book that gives complete and authentic information about the constitution of the UK and USA, then no other book is better than UBC Assignment Constitutional Law-1 (For LL.B Part 1 Paper 3). The book is approved by Punjab University and the course taught to the LLB students in the Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan.
The book UBC Assignment Constitutional Law-1 (For LL.B Part 1 Paper 3) provides all the information that is important for a law student, however, it does have some vital topics that are discussed in detail include: British Constitutional Law; Sources of English Constitution like treaties and conventions which supply Supreme Court decisions interpreting our written constitution called Statute Book (Book II), Parliamentary Sovereignty refers to how parliament can make laws without taking back their powers during times where we had government by emergency or wartime.
The House of Lords (upper chamber) was created out of democratic elections while Commons only consists of partially elected representatives who serve five year terms making them more likely able politicians with specific goals rather than universal ones.

Purpose of This Book :

LL.B Part 1 Paper 3

  • ⇒ Constitution of UK
  • ⇒ Constitution of USA
  • ⇒ According t0 Syllabus of Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan

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