PAF Ranks

PAF Ranks [Pakistan Air Force Insignia and Salary]

PAF ranks are mostly based on the Royal Air Force framework. Officer insignia have been changed from rankings inspired by England, on 5 July 2006, to Turkish design. Since the PAF began its proper path, it began with seven operational airbases throughout the entire province.

In various Wars or operations as the Indo-Pakistan War of 1965; Indo-Pakistan War of 1971; Soviet-Afghan War of 1979-1988; Chengiz Khan Operation, Close Screw Operation, Zarb-e-Azb Operation, Pakistan Air Force has proved its worth in various countries Officers who lead their lives for Pakistan in multiple operations are given a variety of awards, and here’s the list of Gallantry Awards such as Nishan-i-Haider, Hilal-iJurat, Sitara-i-Jurat, Tamgha-i-Juran, Imtiazi Sanad.

List of the PAF Ranks Grade and Salary

In the Air Force and many other nations’ air forces, the pilot is the lowest commissioned officer. It ranks below the flying officer automatically. The Air Force and air forces of many other Commonwealth countries have the lowest commissioned pilot officers’ rank. It ranks below the flying officer automatically.

Flying Officer

Flying Officer is an Air Force junior commissioned rank, which does not mean that a flying officer’s rank flies. Specific aircraft are flying officers, but also are field officers. Any flying officers control flights among the ground branches. In certain instances, following satisfactory completion of his schooling, the flying officer is the first-class an air force officer holds. A flying officer may be a teaching pilot, a deputy, a security officer, or an administrative officer and is usually responsible for staff and services.

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Flight Lieutenant

A Flight Lieutenant is above a flying officer and below a squadron chief, often used in Non-English speaking countries as an English language approximation of a similar rank. A flight lieutenant’s role usually requires an expert team’s management within its division of non-commissioned officers and airmen.

Squadron Leader

The commander of an air force squadron sits just behind the flight lieutenant and he is the junior officer in the ranks who is most likely to fly a flag. The flag may be shown on an officer’s flag, or the flag may be displayed as a car flag whether the squadron leader is in command or from a flag pole.

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Wing Commander

It is more possible that a wing commander commands a wing of an administrative subdivision of a PAF station. Typically a flying squadron is controlled by a wing commander but sometimes controlled by a small unit leader.

Group Captain

The group captain is a senior commissioner in many air forces. The group captain has a NATO rank code of OF-5, which means that he is above the wing commander.

Air Commodore

An officer of one-star rank is a senior commander in many of the armed forces holding a rank defined by the NATO code of OF-6. One-star officers cannot differentiate either the flag, general and air chief’s junior rankings. One-star officers in various navies are not treated as flag officers but not often. The rank of army and air force is, by itself, a rank of a general officer. The corresponding brigadier rank is generally not, however, called as an officer general.

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Air Vice-Marshal

The rank of air vice-marshal is immediately higher than the rank air commodore and subordinated to the rank of air marshal. A number of the Commonwealth air forces, where the Chief of Air Staff (now the Head of the Air Force), holding the title since 1943, also use the ranking of Air Vice Marshall.

Air Marshal

Air Marshal is an air force officer of the Pakistan Air Force commissioned three-star rating with the OF-8 NATO equivalent rank code. A two-star combat aviator promotes the air force’s three-star rating with no history of abuse and immorality. In keeping with the laws and regulations of the Air Force Ordinance, the Air Marshal is directly assigned and promoted by the federal government. The law of Pakistan prohibits sanctioning authority by a three-star marshal as it is the second-highest rank in conjunction with additional power and advantages and could be limited by any constitutional amendment.

Air Chief Marshal

Air Chief Marshall, ACMPAF or Air Chief Marshal, is a four-star rank and title commissioned by the air officer, formally used for command and control in the Pakistan Air Force. It was granted and commissioned to the three-star Air Marshal Officer by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The rank of Admiral of the Navy and General of Armed Forces is officially defined as the highest in Pakistan’s uniformed services.

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Non-Commissioned Officers Ranks

Here is the list Non Commissioned officer ranks grade insignia and pay scale

Senior Technician

  • Grade: OR-8
  • Salary: 50000 to 60000

Above corporeal technician and below chief technician in the Pakistan Air Force, and formerly in the British Royal Air Force. It’s equivalent to Havildar of the Pakistan Army and equivalent to the Pakistan Navy’s small officer.

Corporal Technician

  • Grade:
  • Salary: 40000 to 45000

The captain technician is a senior technical and junior technician in the Pakistan Air Force, an ex position in the British Royal Airforce. It corresponds to the Naik of the Pakistan Army and the top rate of the Pakistan Navy.

Junior Technician

  • Grade: OR-8
  • Salary: 35000 to 40000

The junior engineer has been promoted to the Air Army’s junior ranks, the Air Force of Pakistan, and the Royal Danish Air Force. It is equivalent to a senior aircraft manufacturing engineer, SAC(T) equivalent, and below corporal and has a NATO Rank OR- 2 code. In the RAF, it is equivalent to a senior aircraft manager.

Senior Aircraftman

  • Grade: 7
  • Salary: 28000 to 32000

Senior aircraftman (SAC) or senior aircraftman (SACW) is a chief and senior aircraftman (SACW) technician (T). The rank was adopted on 1 January 1951 and was not supervisory.


Pakistan Air Force is one of the powerful Air Force in the world. Pakistan Air force protects the air limits of Pakistan. For Pakistanis, it is a proud job. Here, above all are the ranks and salaries of commissioned and non-commissioned ranks.


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