Pak navy ranks

Pak Navy Ranks [Everything You Need to Know]

There are different Pak Navy Ranks and insignia which describe their positions as commanding officers and vary in working. Pak Navy Ranks supplement those of the rank organized Royal Navy (service uniform) and are equivalent to those of the other armed forces worldwide, reflecting the rank equivalency with the insignia and ranks of the United States Navy.

The rank-hierarchy of the Navy has three categories: junior officers, high-level officers, and star officers — junior officers are OF-1 to OF-3 in salary rank, while senior officers are OF-4 to OF-5 and star officers are OF-6 and above OF-9 in pay grades.

Pak Navy Ranks Grades and Salary

MidshipmanMidshipman1735,000 to 50,000
Sub Lieutenant (Slt)Sub Lieutenant (S/lt)1750,000 to 60,000
Lieutenant (Lt)Lieutenant (Lt)1770000 to 75000
Lieutenant Commander (Lt Cdr)Lieutenant Commander (Lt Cdr)1880,000 to 95,000
Commander (Cdr)Commander (Cdr)181,00,000 to 1,10,000
Captain (Capt)Captain (Capt)150,000
Commodore (Cdre)Commodore (Cdre)20170,000 to 180,000
Rear Admiral (Radm)Rear Admiral (Radm)200,000 to 250,000
Vice Admiral (Vadm)Vice Admiral (Vadm)3,00,000+
Admiral (Adm)Admiral (Adm)3,00,000+

Midshipman in Pak Navy

PN Cadets first take 18 months of training in the Pakistan Naval Academy in the Pakistan Navy. After completing their training, they are called midshipmen and undergo another six months of training at sea. They study the sciences, engineering, professional and technological fields. The operations and weapons, mechanical engineering, or logistics are delegated to them. They are elevated to the rank of sub lieutenant after the final fleet review.

Sub Lieutenant (S/Lt)

The Midshipmen are elevated to the Sub Lieutenant rank after about 2 years of training, where they track the crew as their first phase toward being a Lieutenant. Sub-Lieutenant is junior officers who report and obey the instructions of the lieutenants.

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Lieutenant (Lt)

The naval fleet’s lieutenants make sure that the crew conducts their respective tasks on board. It’s a duty that has considerable responsibility, as Lieutenants sometimes have to place a squad member on alert to watch enemy assaults. They must conduct operations at high seas and anchors with MIO/VBSS. Official Lieutenants prepare their coastal as well as offshore anti-terrorist defense measures. They are processed with anti-smuggling activities.

Lieutenant Commander (Lt Cdr)

The Lieutenant Commander with his small crew is the commander of a small craft. Often officers select this rank is to command a department of the marine armed forces. They work on ships, aircraft squadron, or submarines as a department head or executive officer. LCDR serves as the Management Director on SEAL Teams.

Commander (Cdr)

Usually, the Commander is second in command behind the Captain, who controls a warship or submarine. Commanders may also serve onshore in naval bases or opt to take a role with the Defense Ministry.

Captain (Capt)

Captains monitor bigger vessels or elevated places in shore-based installations. The Captain is usually responsible for the well-being of the equipment and the craft, including logbook management, administrative resolution, work delegation, food supply rationing, and many more.

Commodore (Cdre)

The naval officer may opt to manage a flotel of ships or play a major role on the shore as a Commodore. They support the Rear Admirals as needed in their duties.

Rear Admiral (RAdm)

This position requires officers to fly their flags on their boats and order their boats to safeguard and maintain the squadron during combat.

Vice Admiral (VAdm)

The Vice-Admiral control the boats and the fleet, if necessary, separately from the Admiral. They may even take prominent government posts.

Admiral (Adm)

As the highest naval rank, the officer gives direct power over a flood of ships and has a ship with its flag. The rear admiral and vice-admiral may, if needed, be on their vessel. The rank of a General in the Pakistan army is equivalent to the Admiral.


The junior most rank in Pak navy is Midshipman.

Yes, Pakistan Navy provide house rent, family medical, children education etc., allowances to its employees.

Final Thought

Pakistan Navy is one of the powerful Navy of the world. For us Pakistanis, it is a great pleasure to be a part of such a great organization. We must have information about its ranks so we’ve collected the information about Pak Navy ranks here for you. Read it well and tell us your experience.


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