Pak Army Ranks

Pak Army Ranks (Everything You Need to Know)

There are different Pak Army Ranks and insignia which describe their positions. Pakistan’s army is the uniform division of Pakistan’s army in ground warfare. It was introduced on 14 August 1947 when Pakistan was published on the world map. It has an extraordinary place in Pakistan’s military forces because it has always required the country.

It has about 550 thousand military forces and about 500 thousand reserves, 185 thousand national guards, 6599 civil personnel, and 316 human-crewed aircraft. The GHQ Rawalpindi is its headquarters.

Pak Army Ranks Grades and Salary

2nd-Lieutenant1740,000 to 50,000
Lieutenant1750,000 to 55,000
Captain1755,000 to 60,000Ă‚
Major (MAJ)18
Lieutenant Colonel (Lt-col)18
Colonel1996,000 to 104,000
Brigadier201,50,000 to 1,75,000 
Major General211,75,000 to 2,00,000 
Lieutenant General222,50,000 to 3,00,000 
GeneralApex scale3,10,000 to 3,50,000


An entry-level commissioned officer in the Pakistani Army is the second lieutenant. In the second squad of 20 to 45 men, two or three rifle squads commanded by the senior non commissioned officer are typically put under orders. The second lieutenant’s primary role is to battle infantry troops, working closely with the sergeant and two team leaders. The second lieutenant directs, and the sergeant transmits those commands to the squad leaders and other soldiers.


The first lieutenants are responsible for fighting platoons when acting as his corporate head, normally a captain, executive officer. Armour divisions see the first lieutenants leading tank commissions in combat and dismantling soldiers. There are some fantastic characters in every Pak Army Ranks, and there are no separate lieutenants. A lieutenant’s usual function is to perform administrative activities and assist local commanders (normally a Captain, or sometimes the local police chiefs). They will administer a precinct themselves in smaller police districts.


Captain’s Pak Army Rank is an officer rank that is traditionally consistent with a military company’s command. Few air forces and naval forces also use the rank. Today, an officer or second commander is normally an infantry battery or an artillery battery. The level of the Captain is the NATO countries defined by the OF-2, which ranks one above OF-1 and one below OF-3 (major or commandant). The commander class is widely recognized as the highest rank a soldier may obtain while on the battlefield.

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Major (MAJ)

Majors are normally staff rather than on the battlefield. They may also be responsible for supervising an organizational or logistical task force.

Lieutenant Colonel (Lt-col)

Lieutenant Colonel pak Army Rank commands a battalion with a qualified NCO assistant of up to 1,000 troops. They may also be picked for a task force as executive / commanding officers.


In the Pak Army Ranks, Colonel is a senior officer. Colonel’s rank refers to a Pakistan Navy captain and a Pakistan Air Force group captain. As in most Armies, the rank is above and below the rank of a lieutenant colonel. In Pakistan, the rank of Brigadier is promoted by more than 140 colonels, and in the rank of colonel more than 200 lieutenant colonels.


The lowest rank of a general officer is a Brigadier-general Pak Army Ranks. A general brigade is a senior to a Colonel or Naval Captain and a junior to an Admiral. While colonels now command brigades in the military, the rank title brigadier-general is still used. A General Brigadier is the counsellor and deputy commander of a major general of 10 000 to 15 000 troops and helps supervise the operational preparation and organization of divisional operations.

Major General

The major general is the highest permanent rank of uniformed forces, provided that the higher ranks are professional and connected to special assignments. At the same time, nearly all of these officers are entitled to their highest level of earnings.

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Lieutenant General

Lieutenant General is a ranking Pakistan Army Three-Star Army Soldier. It refers to the Federal Office Secretary, the Vice-Admiral in the Pakistan Navy, and the Pakistan Air Force’s air marshal. A general lieutenant is also known as a general three-star. This rank is higher than a general and lower than a general, like other armies. Currently, the Pakistan Army comprises 28 Lieutenant-Generals, each of one corp. Lieutenant General Commanders function mostly as high commanders, for example, combatants’ commanders, or as high-level personnel in the Army, as in the TRADOC or command powers.


Its presence and legislative function are covered by the Pakistan Constitution, which is intended to act as the Pakistan Armed Forces’ land-based uniform service unit. Today there are two generals in the Pakistan Army, Nadeem Raza, and Qamar Javid Bajwa.


  • Grade: 16
  • Salary: 70,000

The Sub-Director is the highest rank of the Pak Army army (subject to a failure to test commissions or to an honorary lieutenant or captain).

Battalion Havildar Major

  • Grade: 11 or 9
  • Salary: 60,000

The havildar major company (CHM), equivalent to a sergeant major, was the senior non-commissioned officer in a company. The quartermaster of regiments havildar was similar to a quartermaster Sergeant of the regimental quarters. Havildar Major (RHM) is the equivalent to a major sergeant of the regiment.

Company Quartermaster Havildar

  • Grade: 11 or 9
  • Salary: about 50,000

Quartermaster havildar (CQMH) aided quartermaster in the operation of companies, similar to a quartermaster sergeant. However, they are not used, and havildars are now immediately promoted into junior officer ranks, who now perform the duties of these historic appointments.


  • Grade: 7 or 6
  • Salary: 30,000

The Indian Army and Pakistan Army rank is equivalent to the corporal, sometimes historically Nayak spelt. In Tamil, the word naik was used before it was used to describe a lord or governor as a corporal in British India. A naik wears two rank chevrons, like a British corporal.

Lance Naik

  • Grade: 6
  • Salary: 25,000

In the Pakistan, Indian, and Bangladesh Armies, and before 1947 within the British Indigenous Army, Lance naik is equivalent to lance corporal ranking below naik. The equivalent in cavalry units is a punched lance. Each one of them has a single grade chevron, like British lancers.


  • Grade: 5
  • Salary: 20,000

In the military, soldiers are named. Many modern military forces have vehicles fighting soldiers on the ground, such as tanks, aircraft, and helicopters. Soldiers do a lot, from the fire on enemies to excavated defensive trenches. You’re used to defending your country or to attack the army of another country. An ordinary day for an active-duty soldier involves training, working in the military speciality (MOS), and basic soldiers.


Finally, after reading this article you are aware of all the ranks in the army and their salaries. Being a Pakistani, it is important for us to know everything about the army after all this force look after our borders. To apply for Pak Army visit the official website of Pak Army.


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