Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) Pakistan

Inter Services Intelligence [ISI Pakistan]

Pakistan’s leading spy agency is called Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Armed Forces Military Intelligence is provided, managed, and coordinated by this organization.

Army Major-General R. Cawthome and Navy Commander S.M. Ahsan created the ISI in 1947 due to an apparent intelligence failure during the India-Pakistani War.

Military Intelligence from each major branch of the armed forces should be organized to give a comprehensive inter-service intelligence analysis.

ISI Pakistan

Civilians were also recruited by the ISI, as well as personnel from all branches of the military. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has grown in stature and clout in recent years. The ISI has been under fire both inside and abroad for its broad range of intelligence services and sway.

As head of the ISI, the Director-General serves as a critical advisor to Pakistan’s Prime Minister and President.

The Director-General of the Inter-Services Intelligence Agency (DG ISI) is responsible for Pakistan’s national security and intelligence.

The Army gets intelligence from the Directorate of Military Intelligence (MI), while the Navy and Air Force have divisions.

They must provide information on foreign operations, conduct counterintelligence operations, and detect and eliminate anti-Pakistani individuals within Pakistan, including foreign agents and sleeper cells.

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Monitoring high-ranking military and political officials and safeguarding vital military and non-military facilities are all additional responsibilities. Typically, Director-Generals are two-star commanders from each branch of the armed forces.

Many of Pakistan’s intelligence activities have been carried out by the ISI, Intelligence Bureau, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), and other Pakistan’s intelligence community members.

In 2014, the National Intelligence Directorate (NID) was created to improve cooperation and reduce rivalry in the intelligence community. The NID serves a similar function to the National Intelligence Estimate of the United States, offering statistical analysis and counter-insurgency guidance to all levels of authority.


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