ISSB Test 2024 [Everything You Need To Know]

The term ISSB stands for(full form) Inter services selection board. It is a board that selects suitable candidates by ISSB Test after they have cleared the written and medical tests. It is the best and famous board in Pakistan that selects the candidates for the following defence forces like:

  • Pakistan Navy
  • Pakistan Air Force
  • Pak Army

About ISSB Test

Inter services selection board considered one of the toughest selection systems in Pakistan. It examines the candidate’s physical, mental, cognitive, moral, and social skills to choose him or her for any suitable position in the defence.

This test lasts for many days, where candidates assessed daily. Candidates have to perform their best and show their unique skills to pass the test. They examined in every way. The main thing seen is that whether the candidate deserves to be an officer or not. If he fails to the characters of an officer, he will fail.

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ISSB Test Purpose

The chief purpose of the ISSB is to select suitable candidates for the Pakistan defence department. It accomplishes this task in many ways. It tests the candidate’s skill in problem-solving, decision making, and many other mandatory skills for an officer or a leader. ISSB is very tough in this regard.

Therefore, the majority of the students cannot pass this test. ISSB selects candidates for the army, navy, and air force. All the related departments take tests from the candidates, and if they pass those tests, they sent to the Inter services selection board for further examination.

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ISSB tests their skills that not found in an ordinary soldier. Apart from this, candidates asked to do many drills based on the real situation. It is done to check whether they could solve the real problems or not—that why candidates do ISSB test preparation.

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Registration Process

The registration process for the Inter services selection board is not. After clearing the FSc, one needs to sit in the examination of the air force, navy, or army. After clearing any of those tests, one is eligible to sit in the test of the Inter services selection board.

For Inter services selection board, one receives ISSB call letter. One needs to fill the online form after he or she is eligible for the test. Inter services selection board schedule for online form filling and test given on the official website. After that, one needs to wait for the slip or call letter.

Then on the given date, one needs to go for tests on any of the mentioned test centres like Inter services selection board Karachi or Kohat. Apart from registration also requires other things like fee challan, age limit, etc. The candidate can quickly do the registration procedure with the help of ISSB videos.

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Eligibility Criteria

Like any of the other tests, the Inter services selection board also has some strict eligibility criteria. If the candidate does not fulfil the requirements, he or she will not give admission. The eligibility criteria are given below:

  • Age: Intermediate 17-22 years
  • Graduate: 17-23
  • Graduates n honour degree: 17-24
  • Serving army soldier: 17-25
  • Gender: must be Unmarried male
  • Nationality: Must be Pakistani
  • Physical Standards: Minimum Height 5′- 4″ (162.5cm)
  • Weight: As per the Body Mass Index 2
  • Education: F.A/ with 60% marks

Therefore, the candidate must be Pakistani and male. He must fulfil all the above-given requirements; otherwise, he will reject it. There is no tolerance for those who do not come under the criteria.

If once the candidate is eligible, then he can appear for the test. Apart from this, there is also age relaxation. It means candidates with older age can also appear. Furthermore, there is also marks relaxation. Candidates with fewer marks can also appear for the examination.

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Fee Structure

Inter services selection board is not free of cost. Like everything else, it cost too much. It is not that much costly that it cannot afford. An ordinary candidate can afford the fee of Inter services selection board.

ISSB fee refers to the form fee of the test. It is not that expensive. It is between one thousand to five thousand. The exact fee is 600 RS per test. Many candidates who can afford the other tuition and academies fee themselves admitted to the most famous academies.

The expense of those academies and accommodation is usually not cheap. All the giant cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Kohat, Lahore, Multan, and Peshawar have the Inter services selection board academies and hostels that offer courses for the Inter services selection board tests.

Apart from that, there is no extra expenditure on this test. All things go well once the candidate selected for the Inter services selection board.

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Syllabus & Subjects

There is a specific syllabus for the ISSB test. The candidates have to prepare that syllabus. Inter services selection board test contains the following things:

  • Psychological test: Intelligence test, Mechanical aptitude test and Personality test
  • Outdoor tests: Group discussion, Group planning, Group tasks, Command tasks and Individual tasks
  • Interview:

By looking at the tests as mentioned above, one can conclude that what one needs to read for the test. Many books let candidates get a good grip on those things. Some books contain all the elements required for the test. There are also separate books for each test. Some of the recommended books are the following:

  • ISSB Test Success Guide by Dogar Brothers
  • 130 Pma Long Course by ISSB Preparation Institute
  • Comprehensive ISSB Guide by Dogar Brothers
  • Inter-Services Selection Board Test by Aamer Shehzad
  • Dogar’s Test Master ISSB Test by Dogar Brothers
  • ISSB Test by HSM

The books, as mentioned earlier, are a complete guide for the ISSB test. They not only care for preparation but also contain the admission process etc. One can also read separate books on the topics mentioned above.

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Selection Process

Inter services selection board is a five days test at any of ISSB centers. In these five days, different psychological and aptitude tests were taken. And the assessment of students is done. The five days schedule is as follows:

Arrival day

  • Reception
  • Checking of Documents
  • Allotment of ID/ Chest numbers
  • Photographs
  • Administration Staff’s address
  • Completion of Board Questionnaires

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The first day (Screening test)

  • Opening Address by a Deputy President
  • Intelligence Tests
  • Announcement of screening out the result
  • Remaining Psychological Tests
  • (Screened out Candidates will not attend the subsequent tests

The second day (Psychological Test)

  • Briefing
  • Indoor Tasks
  • Group Discussion
  • Group Planning
  • Outdoor Tasks
  • Progressive Group Task (PGT)
  • Half Group Task (HGT)
  • Interviews

The third day (Group Testing)

  • Individual Obstacles
  • Command Task
  • Final Group Task (FGT)
  • Interviews (leftovers)

Fourth day (Group Testing)

  • Conferences
  • Preparation of all the results
  • Dispersal of candidates

ISSB Test Guidelines

Some of the instructions for the Inter services selection board students are given below. They must follow for a good impression of the test takers. These guidelines may be a golden opportunity for candidates to pass the test. They are the following:

  • Good appearance: make your personality attractive
  • Self-confidence: self-confidence is essential. Without it, one cannot clears this test.
  • Expressions: useful expressions are essential. Therefore, try to have priceless expressions.
  • Academic ability: academic abilities may increase your chances of being selected like English and mathematics.
  • Leadership: try to possess the leadership qualities that help you solve many social and outdoor problems.
  • Fitness: fitness is mandatory. Therefore, take exercises daily.
  • Motivation: you must keep yourself motivated; otherwise, you are not for this field.
  • Awareness: be attentive and aware of the world around you. It may help you in many ways to be a good officer and leader.

Coaching Centres

In Pakistan, many coaching centres prepare students for ISSB tests. These coaching centres located in the major cities of Pakistan. Most of them situated in Punjab and few in Sindh. In Sindh, most of the centres are in Karachi city. Many students join these academies for preparation of the ISSB test

  • Defense Academy For ISSB
  • Student Shelter In Computers
  • Pak Defense Coaching Centre.
  • Join Forces Academy Multan
  • Niazi Forces Academy
  • ISSB Baloch Training Academy
  • Forces Officers Academy
  • Pakistani Forces Coaching Academy
  • Muhammadan’s fit coaching Centre Rawalpindi

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Exams Centres

Inter services selection board federal department; therefore, it has many exam centres in all the provinces. Candidates called for the test in their respective centres. For example, a candidate from Karachi will send it to Karachi Cant. These centres take tests from the candidates to check their aptitude skills. Some of them are the followings:

  • Kohat
  • Gujranwala
  • Quetta
  • Malir

These are the major test centers. Candidates are called there for the test. Candidates from all over the Sindh were sent to Malir cant center.

Frequently Asked Questions About ISSB Test

Every at least 300 candidates are selected from the Inter services selection board for the Pakistan Army from 20000 candidates.

All the candidates with the nationality of Pakistan are eligible for the test.

  • With 60 % marks in FA or FSc
  • Candidates with 50% marks in intermediate
  • Male
  • Age between 17 to 25 years
  • Must be un-married
  • Height 5 feet andn4 inch

No. It does not default.

You can join Pak Army by giving the test of Inter services selection board. If one fulfills the requirement of Inter services selection board, he can join it. He has to give the test.


ISSB is Pakistan’s one of the biggest boards that conduct tests for the recruitment of officers in defense departments like the navy, army, and air force. In this article, the criteria for the test are given along with the guidelines. Further, the syllabus of the test was also provided. Moreover, some of the coaching centers in Pakistan and the examination centers also are given. Candidates are seeking to pass the Inter services selection board Test need to study along, make a timetable for their study, and read the authentic books offered in this article. Last but not least, can pass with hard work and dedication.

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Following are some of the most asked questions by the candidate of the Inter services selection board


  1. M hasnain
    • Roshni Arain
  3. Zakir ullah
    • muhammad imran
  4. Shehryar Farrukh
  5. Maria
    • Subhan Gill
    • Saqlain
  6. jAwaria
    • Muhammad Noman Ahmad
  7. Muhammad
  8. Malaika
  9. m.tayyab
  10. Nissa
  11. Sumaira Latif
    • muhammad imran
  12. Muhammad Huzaifa
  13. Mohsin Ai
  14. JASIM
  15. Mazhar Jan
  16. Aksa
  17. Parkash
  19. Mahmona
  20. Mahmona
  21. Gul wahid khan
  22. Subhan ali
  23. Shamsa ANSRI
  24. Shamsa ANSRI
  25. Qais nazir
  26. Umair Awan
  27. Umair Awan
  28. Umair Awan
  29. Imama omer
  30. Warda
  31. Khubaib Ahmad
  32. Ariyan Riasat
  33. Muneeb Rehman
  34. Hifza Hameed
  35. Hifza Hameed
  36. Humaira Umar
  37. Shehram Ahmad
  38. AsmaAslam khanzada
  39. Sania
  40. Sania
  41. Wajeeha Ishfaq
  42. Back bencher
  43. Back bencher
  44. fasiha
  46. Shahmuhammad
  47. Haziq Ali
  48. bilal
  49. Shamsa kanwal

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