Pakistan Rangers

Pakistan Rangers [Guardians of the Nation]

Pakistan Rangers are paramilitary forces that work under the direction of Pakistan’s interior secretary. This is the Civil Armed Forces’ branch. Rangers are primarily responsible for defending and securing the country’s historic sites. Furthermore, with the help of the regular Pakistan Army, these forces participate in significant internal and external security operations and aid police forces in maintaining law and order in the face of crime, unrest, and terrorism.

Pak Rangers’ key responsibilities include internal security, border control, and counter-terrorism. The rangers are security troops whose mission is to implement and maintain security in conflict zones as well as in war zones. Pak Rangers has a total of 25,000 active personnel. Pakistan Ranger’s motto is داﯾمً ﺳﺎﮪرً‎ “It Means a Lot.”, “Always Prepared.”

Major-General Muhammad Aamir Majeed is the Director-General of the Punjab Rangers, while Major-General Omer Ahmed Bokhari is the Director-General of the Sindh Rangers.

Pakistan Rangers

The Pakistan Rangers are divided into two groups: Pakistan Rangers Punjab and Pakistan Rangers Sindh. The Punjab Ranger’s headquarters are in Lahore, Punjab, and the Sindh Ranger’s headquarters are in Karachi, Sindh. ICT, the third headquarters, is in Islamabad. These two forces have separate command structures and wear different uniforms, but they operate under the same laws.

At Wagah Border, Lahore, Pakistan Rangers take part in a flag-lowering ritual every evening with their Indian counterparts in the border security forces.

Pakistan Ranger Punjab

Punjab Rangers, like Sindh Rangers, are responsible for patrolling the 1300-kilometre-long border with India. This force comprises 16,100 rangers that are stationed around Pakistan, including in Islamabad, Rajanpur, and a number of other districts and cities.

Pakistan Rangers Sindh

Sindh Rangers has 24,945 active personnel who are responsible for border protection along India’s 912-kilometre frontier. The rangers are grouped into 30 wings, with 830 rangers in each wing.

The Sindh Rangers are in charge of monitoring and protecting national routes, the Indus River, and places with rugged terrain where police are unable to provide adequate service.

Pakistan Rangers Ranks

Pakistan Rangers have the following ranks structure: OR, NCO, and JCO:

  • NCO Ranks

Naik, Havaldar

  • JCO Ranks

Sub-inspector, Inspector, Senior Inspector

  • OR Ranks

Direct Entry Sub Inspector, Inspector, DSR (Deputy Superintendent of the Rangers), SR (Superintendent of the Rangers), SSR (Senior Superintendent of the Rangers)

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