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Join PAF as GD Pilot 2024 Online Registration [Complete Information]

Join PAF as GD Pilot is the dream of everyone, in this article we will provide you with some effective information that how you could be a part of it. The PAF has currently announced some permanent commissions and short service commissions for the induction paths, including aeronautical engineering, GD Pilot, AIR defense, etc.

The students who have cleared BBA/MBA, ICS/FSC, BS, and engineering are eligible to apply. This article provides key information about the eligibility criteria, induction, and admission details.

The calling of a GD pilot in the PAF is testing and exciting. The youngsters this institute requires must have a significant level of insight, savvy instinct, mindfulness, readiness, solid nerves, fearlessness, and persevering assurance to become battle pilots.

On the off-chance candidates that have these characteristics, join the PAF, and the trainers will prepare you to accomplish your objective. Toward the end, you become a youthful battle pilot.

Join PAF as GD Pilot Through Permanent Commission

If you want to join PAF through a permanent commission, you have the opportunity to serve the nation full time, which means until retirement age, which is 60 years. It is completely up to you whether to work until retirement or take early retirement.

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Gender Requirement

Male and Female both can Join Pak Army as GD Pilot After Intermediate. A permanent commission is available for male applicants only, and the short service commission is for female applicants.

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Eligibility Criteria To Join PAF as GD Pilot

There are some standards for the students to join PAF as GD Pilots. Only the candidates who will fulfill this criterion will get admission in Pak Army. The eligibility criteria to Join PAF as GD Pilot are as follows:

  • Unmarried males and females can apply only.
  • The age of the untrained candidates can be within the range of 16-22 years.
  • The student must have Pakistani Nationality. The domicile holders of Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir are also eligible.
  • A person who has dual nationalities must have to surrender to the other nationalities.
  • The height of the candidate must be Minimum of 5 feet and 4 inches / 163 cm
  • Weight must be according to the body mass index.
  • The vision of the candidate must be 6/6 for each eye without glasses.

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Educational Qualification

  • A candidate must have passed with at least 60% marks in aggregate in any of the followings:
  • (Pre-Engineering/Pre-Medical/Computer Science)
  • A ‘Level with Physics and Mathematics or Biology
  • With Physics and any other two subjects, i.e. Maths, Stat, Computer Science, and Biology, after completing pre-medical, ICS or computer science students could apply for this post but scoring 60% is a must.
  • Induction is done two times a year, one in Feb-Mar for the GD Pilot, and the next ad will be posted in June-July, this time for men only.
  • A permanent commission is available for male applicants only, and the short service commission is for female applicants.
  • After passing the test 2-year training as a cadet and 2-year training as a pilot officer will give in PAF Risalpur. After completing the session, a 4-year degree in Air Management BS Aviation Sciences and Management will be awarded by AIR University ISL .


There are some criteria due to which the candidates cannot be selected as GD pilots, it is as follows:

  • A candidate who is twice rejected by Inter-Services Selection Board ( ISSB ).
  • A candidate is Dismissed, Removed, Debarred from any Govt Services.
  • Candidate who Tested within 120 days (four months) gap of the previous appearance in ISSB.
  • Convicted in a Court of Law for any heinous offense (to be ascertained by the competent military authority).
  • Dismissed/ Removed/ Debarred from Armed Forces, PAK Army, Navy, or PAF.
  • Permanently UNFIT by Appeal Medical Board (AMB).
  • The Candidate who withdrawn from any bonded Armed Forces college or From Armed Forces institution on disciplinary grounds.
  • Those Who have withdrawn, discharged, resigned, or purchased commission from any Armed Forces officers Academy & Armed forces Training Institution on any ground.

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Entry Test and Syllabus For GD Pilot

  • The syllabus that should be prepared for an entry test as GD Piolet includes English and Physics.
  • Topics that should be covered in Physics are; Motion and Force, Power and Energy, Measurements, Heat and Thermodynamics, Electronics, Current, Physics of Solids, Dawn of Modern Physics, Atomic Spectra, Nuclear Physics, Circular Motion, Fluid Dynamics, Oscillations, Waves, Physical Optics, Optical Instruments, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Electromagnetism, Electromagnetic Induction, Alternating, Vectors, and Equilibrium.

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Further Tests

  • GD pilot is the one most unique seat in PAF, ISSB test is the same for all army forces, but the GD pilot candidates have to go through another medical test in Karachi. Here the ability of a person is tested whether he could bear the pressure of being in the air or have the ability to bear the pressure of gravity.
  • After completing that test, the air force took another intelligence test of the passed candidate; during this session, he has to make a decision in 2 or 3 Nano-seconds. As the GD pilot has to focus on different things at a time, he has to be mindful all the time. Thus, this test allows understanding of whether this person is able to take the right decision within the available time or not.

Pilot Officers

  • The applicants who can fulfill the guidelines of general help preparing, flying, and scholastics are dispatched as Pilot Officers in the GD pilot Branch of the PAP. The graduation march, an always remembered insight for the Aviation Cadets, denotes the finish of preparing at the Academy. They are presently prepared to join the Fighter Conversion Units where they further build up their flying abilities on additionally requesting and progressing fly airplanes.
  • After effectively finishing this change, the growing pilots are made a stride further, through the Operations Conversion Unit, where they figure out how to ace the forefront battle airplane of the PAF. In these units, the pilots are exposed to a generally basic and developmental phase of preparation.

Cutting Edge Battle Groups

  • After accomplishing the ideal principles of capability in the contender and operational change stages, the officials are presently able to join the cutting-edge battle groups of the Air Force as youthful operational pilots. Strategic air backing to land powers and numerous different C3pes of wartime flying.
  • In these groups, they keep on endeavoring day and night towards more significant levels of expert aptitude, so they may stay prepared to continue in the magnificent strides of the individuals who have set up extraordinary battling customs in the PAF before them.
  • So, it is all data about the GD Pilot posting. One can join this field in a flicker of an eye since online information help has made everything simple. All offices distribute their paper just as via web-based media sites to mindful the individuals from all the posts, nobody botches the brilliant opportunity to apply in this or some other field.
  • This field is huge and offers vocation openings after matric, halfway and graduation yet the applicant must have the option to handle all issues agreeable and with a full dedication that he/she won’t become puzzled in the end since this field requires valiance and capacity.

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Selection Procedure For GD Pilot

The selection procedure for the GD pilot is based on different stages, it is as follows:

  • The candidates can make online registration at the website of the PAF.
  • After submitting the form, they can print their approved registration slip.
  • They will give the academic test in English, Physics, and E-testing.
  • They have to pass the medical examination.
  • After passing it, they will give an interview at PAF Information & selection center.
  • After passing it, the selected candidates will fill out the ISSB form and submit it at the PAF Information & selection center.
  • The selected candidates will get an email or call from them. They will continue with the further procedure of ISSB tests and interviews, final medical testing, and selection by AHQ.
  • The selected candidates will get training for 3 years in the PAF Asghar Khan Academy Risalpur to become the GD pilot.

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Required Documents

The required documents to join PAF as GD Pilots are:

  • Original documents of Matric/ICS/FSc or Equivalent, matric Mark Sheet.
  • Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) for the age of 18 years and above.
  • A computerized B-form with Guardian’s CNIC (Father or Mother) for under 18 candidates is necessary.
  • One set of all attested photocopies of the above-mentioned documents.
  • 3x Passport size colored photos attested (front and back) by Principal, Class-1 Gazetted Officer.
  • For the repeated candidates, an original along with one photocopy of the not recommended letter of ISSB is necessary.


  1. Aisha Nisar
    • Dua Fatima
      • Saba Razzaq
        • HAROON
          • Aneeqa Shehzadi
          • Saman
          • Kiran
          • saira
        • Iram nazz
      • Inshal
      • Ani
      • cathrine anwar
      • Bushra Nadeem
    • Tuba
    • Junaid Khan
    • Adnan
      • Hashir Basharat
      • Hashir Basharat
    • Mazhar Iqbal
  2. Atiqa
      • Sajila Naz
        • Abdurrehman
      • Adeel mukhtar
        • Muhammad shahzaib
      • Laraib Khan
      • Laraib Khan
      • Abiha Sohail
      • Zabihullah
      • Zanib khursheed
      • Minahil
      • Rehmatullah Niazi
      • Faryal Seraj
    • haroon
  3. Fariha zafar
      • Aaraf
        • haroon
          • M Toseef Haider
          • Areeba
        • Minahil
        • Ayesha sabir
      • Aneeqa Shehzadi
      • mehwish riaz
      • Mishal Ashraf
  4. Laiba
      • Huda
    • Faryal Seraj
  5. Ayesha
      • Maham Arif
      • Abeera
  6. Firdous
  7. Muqadas Naz
      • Sajila Naz
        • Kamran
        • Zahid
  8. Shaiqa
  9. Aima Ayub
  10. Haya Iman
  11. Aliza Anab
  12. sadaf bilal
  13. Rabia
  14. Rabia
      • hadia keyani
  15. Sajila Naz
  16. Fariha zafar
    • Nimra Babar
  17. Sajila Naz
  18. Sajila Naz
      • Bakir
  20. Muhammad Noman
  21. Zahrah SHAH
  22. Esha
  24. Naveed muhammad
  26. oreeba zafar
  27. fariha zafar
  28. Sundus
  29. Akram khaliq
  30. Boy Eman
  31. Ghazanfar Munir jutt
  32. Malaika Gull
  33. Layeba
  34. Malaika Gull
  35. Malaika Gull
  36. Zahid
  37. Tanzeela
  38. Abeer Noor
  39. Maryam
  40. Mehran Malik
  41. Mehran Malik
  42. Saad Ahmad
  43. Sehar javed
  44. Asia Saeed
  46. Tahira Perveen
      • syeda rubab
      • Anisma
      • Maham Arif
  47. Mahnoor
  48. syeda rubab
  49. Muqadas
  50. Muqadas
  51. Bushra arif
  52. sameen zahra
    • nadia bibi
  53. sameen zahra
  54. Mahpara khan
  55. Khadija attiq
    • Ayesha
  56. salma rasheed
  57. Muhammad Jameel
  58. Shamsa
  59. Qasim Raza
  60. Noor Fatima
  61. Uzma
  62. Mujtaba Zaheer
  63. mahnoor saqib
    • Mishqat Abid
  64. Fatima
  65. Muhammad ishfaq
  66. Maham Asim
  67. Miss attitude
  68. Muntaha
  69. Sheeza Altaf
  70. Maryam Ajmal
  71. Amina Tariq
  72. Luqman Ali
    • Maryam Ajmal
  73. Arshman Hassan
  75. Syeda Iqra Bahar Shah Bukhari
  76. Faiza Amjad
      • Eman
      • Faiza Amjad
        • Ayesha
  77. Eman Ejaz
      • Sehar
  78. Maham Akram
  79. Iza yaqoob
      • M.abbas khan
  80. sania
  81. sania
  82. sukaina
  83. sukaina
  84. Maryam Ajmal
  85. Muhammad Sohail
  86. M. Mesum abbas
  87. nimra25052004
  88. Ayesha
  89. Hafsa khalid
    • Ayesha
  90. NOOR
  91. Faiza Amjad
    • Ayesha
  92. samina
  93. Nnnnnn
  94. Ajwa
  95. Junaid Khan
  96. Yumnajadoon
    • Maryam Ajmal
  97. Nida Adil
  98. Maryam Ajmal
  99. Maryam Ajmal
  100. M.salman
  102. Midhat
  103. Iram nazz
  104. Dost Muhammad
  105. m.tayyab
  106. M Toseef Haider
  107. M Toseef Haider
  108. warisha ali
  109. M.Touqeer Nasir
  110. Tayyaba
  111. Hajra Sarwar
  112. Anishba Saleem
  113. humail naeem
  114. Nimra noor
  115. Hamna Shafiq
  116. Ruqia
  117. Manoor
  118. naila karamat
    • Junaid Ahmed
  119. uzma
  120. Farooq
  121. Rumesa
  122. Rumesa
  123. yahya
  124. hamza
  125. Sibtain
  126. Shahana
  127. Mahnoor Shaikh
  128. Zanib khursheed
  129. Nazeer Ahmed Brohi
  130. muskan ghazi
  131. muskan ghazi
  132. zanib
  133. M Qasim ali
  134. Ali hussnain
  135. uswah shahid
  136. uswah shahid
  137. Sadia
    • Junaid Ahmed
  138. zartash
  139. Neyab
  140. Neyab
  141. Nayab
  142. Neyab
  143. NAYAB
  144. Muhammad Usman
  145. Junaid Ahmed
  146. Waqar ullah
  147. Amina
  148. Nida
    • Ozair khan
  149. Nida
  150. Ahtisham
  151. Muhammad Raheel
  152. Hafiza Khadija Fiaz
  153. Hafiza Khadija Fiaz
  154. Ozair khan
  155. areeba
  156. Laiba ashfaq
  157. amna malik
  158. Asra Dilawal
  159. Hamza
  160. Izaz Alam khan
  161. Muhammad salman ismail
  162. Daud Ahmad
  163. Hanif ullah
  164. sadaf saddique
  165. sadaf saddique
  166. mahnoor
  167. Tania
  168. Tania
  169. hasnat
  170. Tooba Amir
  171. dana
  172. Abeera
  173. Saman Shahzadi
  174. Habib ullah khan
  175. jia ali

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