Text Book of Biology For Grade 12 By National Book Foundation


NBF Biology Grade 12 As Federal Textbook Board Islamabad 

Main Topics include

Section-3  Life Processes :

  • Respiration & Homeostasis
  • Support and Movement
  • Nervous Coordination
  • Chemical Coordination
  • Behavior

Section-4  Continuity in Life :

  • Reproduction
  • Development and Aging
  • Inheritance
  • chromosome and DNA
  • Evolution

Section-5 Ecology :

  • Man and his Environment

Section-6 Applications Of  Biology :

  • Biotechnology
  • Biology and Human Welfare
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Important Note About This Book :

  • The textbook is an educational resource for learning biology, which is a branch of natural science. It is published by National Book Foundation. The textbook consists of comprehensive explanations of the topics in biology to grades 12 students. There are more than 600 pages in the book and it has been designed with clear and concise content. The textbook includes many illustrations and photographs to facilitate understanding of the concepts discussed.

Special Features :

  • Each Chapter begins with a brief recalling statement i.e ..,introduction to the chapter. The textbook has Closured illustration to capture the students ‘attention .Where necessary ,concept mapping has also been incorporated.
  • Necessary ‘Tit Bits’ and critical Thinking have been added in each chapter for motivating the students to apply their intelligence and acquire more knowledge .
  • The exercises include multiple choice questions, short answer questions and extensive questions .
  • At the end of the book a glossary and has been annexed.

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