Origin Evolution and Distribution of Life Book by Sabir Ali


Important Topic:

Origin and Evolution of Life 

  • Major Groups of Living Organism
  • Key Concept of Evolution
  • Patterns of  Evolution

Geologic Distribution of Animals 

  • Rocks
  • Geologic Time Scale
  • Fossils
  • Evolution of House
  • Evolution of House
  • Evolution of House

Geographic Distribution of Animals 

  • Animal Distribution
  • The Zoogeographical Realms
  • Insular Fauna
  • Paleogeographic
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Feature of Book :

The Subject Matter of the Book is Divided into Three Parts A B & C .The Part

(A )Discuses the Origin of Earth and its Past and Present Structure Part

(B)  Evidences in Favour of doctrine of Evolution

(C) Various theories advantages in past to Explain the Process of Evolution .Beside Chapter of Mechanism of Evolution Origins of Species Patterns of Evolution etc. Provides  a Comprehensive Account of Evolution in the light of Latest Research in Population genetics and Population level


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