Mastering The Art Of Precis Writing & Comprehension Book For CSS By Prof. Sabahat Hussain


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  • Revised Updated Edition
  • For CSS, PMS & All Other Relevant Exams
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Main Topics Included:

  • What Precis Writing is All About
  • General Rules of Precis Writing
  • Tips and Tricks for Writing a Good Precis
  • Stages of Writing a Precis
  • Writing Concise Sentences
  • Practice with Short and Easy Passages
  • Main Points Approach to Precis Writing
  • Examples of Good and Poor Precis Writing
  • Problem of Preconceived Notions in Precis Writing
  • Contextual Meanings in a Precis Passage
  • Sample Precis Solutions
  • CSS Precis Passages and Solutions (2001-2020)
  • PMS Precis Passages and Solutions
  • Miscellaneous Passages With Solutions
  • Passages for Practice
  • Solved Examples of Easier Passages
  • Solved Comprehension Passages CSS Past Papers (2001-2020)
  • Unsolved Passages for Practice
  • Commonly Used Foreign Phrases
  • One-Word Substitution


Important Note About This Book :

  • The book in hand is based on firsthand experience of teaching and counseling the CSS and PMS aspirant .It contains no bookish instructions ,found in manuals and modules available on internet and other sources .
  • The book will, hopefully ,help demystify the art of precise writing and exorcise the associated superstitions .

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