JWT Environmental Science Book For CSS By Imran Bashir


  • Environmental Science
  • For CSS and Competitive Exams
  • Solved Past Paper
  • Soft binding
  • Number of Pages 416


Environmental science is a diverse field that includes the study of physical, information and biological sciences. This subject is also included in one optional course for CSS preparation which can be considered with different competitive exams or Certificate courses Technology Innovation Management introduction to Specialized Business Area Studies – Ecosystems Engineering
The question being asked here then becomes what book would best prepare you not just academically but mentally too?
The problem for the preparation of environmental sciences is solved by Environmental Science. This book covers all aspects related to an issue like pollution, solid waste management/preverition techniques etc., and salinity crisis in Pakistan among other things that are happening currently with our environment.
Environmental Sciences by Imran Bashir is a comprehensive book that covers all aspects of environmental issues. It explains the different types, causes and effects related to pollution in detail with examples from around the world like air or water pollution as well soil contamination caused due to deforestation for farming purposes (deforestation).
The 416 pages are filled up with information about what actions can be taken against these problems; this includes things such as recycling efforts which might seem trivial but save money over time because you’re not paying someone else’s salary just so they’ll drop off their waste at your facility!
The book “Environmental Sciences” by Imran Bashir is a complete dictionary for those students who want to be experts in the environmental sciences.

  • Environmental Science
  • For CSS and Competitive Exams
  • Solved Past Paper
  • Soft binding
  • Number of Pages 416

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Environmental Science


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