Jahangir Islamiat Guess Paper For CSS 2022 By Hafiz Arshad Iqbal Chaudhary


  • Jahangir Success Series
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The Jahangir Success Series is a book written by Arshad lqbal to help provide answers to all your questions about Islamiyat. Topics range from fundamental Islamic beliefs and practices, Salah prayer guidelines in congregational form or personal worship mode; Zakat alms giving requirements based on Quranic verses plus many more topics that are relevant to today’s society. The newly launched “Islamiyats” series will offer guidance through various Muslim life situations which may occur at any point during one’s journey towards achieving spiritual enlightenment with regards to their faith-based ideology called Al Islaann. Arshad lqbal has written it on a wide range of Islamic topics. Topics discussed include the Coronavirus as a worldwide disease versus an Islamic point of view; how different cultures affect one another and their views about Islam in particular. This book covers almost every possible aspect of Islamic studies that may ask a CSS student in the upcoming exam. Best of luck with your exam preparation.

Main Topics Included:

  • Coronavirus and Hygiene Practices in Islam
  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment: Shariah Perspective
  • Human Rights in Islam (Third Gender Rights in Islam, Children’s Right in Islam)
  • Woman’s Right in Islam
  • Islamophobia and Anti-Islamism
  • Islamic Culture & Civilization
  • Contemporary Challenges of Islam (Sectarianism)
  • Islam and Other Religions (Khilafat-e-Rashida 11-40 AH / 632-661 AD)
  • Public Administration in Islam
  • Political System of Islam
  • The Holy Prophet MUAHMMAD (PBUH) as a Role Model for Educator
  • The Holy Prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH) as a Peacemaker
  • The Holy Prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH) as a Role Model for Diplomats
  • Ijtihad
  • Accountability in Islam
  • Impacts of Believes and Worships on Human Life (Belief in Oneness of ALLAH, Belief in the Hereafter, Prayer, Soum (Fasting), Zakat, Hajj (Pilgrimage)

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