HSM Gender Studies Book For CSS By Raheel Safi Khalid


HSM Gender Studies For CSS & Other Competitive Exams By Raheel Safi Khalid

Features :

  • The only book for gender studies covering all aspects and themes as per the syllabus
  • Contains material from research reports and quality books on gender studies
  • Also contains solved questions for almost all topics

Main Topics Included :

  • Social construction of gender
  • Feminist theories and practice
  • Feminist movements
  • Gender and development
  • Status of women in Pakistan
  • Gender and Governance
  •  Gender base violence
  • Case studies
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Important Note About This Book :

  • Gender studies is one of the most popular subjects among CSS aspirants .
  • The most distinguishing feature of the book is that it has solved questions as well to give students a flavour of how to attempt questions in a manner that would yield high scores.


Introduction to Gender Studies

  • What is Gender Studies?
  • What is Women Studies?
  • Difference between Gender and Women Studies
  • Gender Studies and its Multidisciplinary Nature
  • Autonomy Versus Integration Debate
  • State of Gender Studies in Pakistan

‘Social Construction of Gender

  • Historicizing Constructionism
  • Social Construction of Gender
  • Nature Versus Nurture Debate in Gender Development
  • Queer Theory
  • Masculinities and Femininity

Feminist Theories and Practice

  • Quoted Definitions of Feminism
  • Liberal Feminism
  • Marxist Feminism
  • Radical Feminism…
  • Social Feminism
  • Men’s Feminism
  • Psychoanalytic Feminism
  • Post – Modern Feminism

Feminist Movements

  • Feminist Movements: A Bird’s Eye View
  • The First Wave of Feminism
  • Second Wave of Feminism
  • Third Wave of Feminism
  • UN Conferences on Women
  • Feminist Movement in Pakistan

Gender and Development

  • Colonial and Capitalistic Perspectives of Gender
  • Gender Analysis of Development Theories
  • Gender Approaches to Development
  • Globalization and Gender
  • Gender Impact of Globalization

Status of Women in Pakistan

  • Women’s Health in Pakistan
  • Women’s Education in Pakistan
  • Issues Faced by Working Women in Pakistan

Gender and Governance

  • Definition of Governance
  • Suffragist Movement
  • Impact of Political Quota on Women in Pakistan

Gender Based Violence

  • Strategies to Eliminate Violence Against Women

Case Studies

  • Case Study of Mukhtaran Mai
  • Case Study of Malala Yousafzai
  • Case Study of Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

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