Emporium Political Science MCQ Book For CSS By Manzoor Ahmed


Emporium Political Science Competitive Objective Series                                     Author:

  •  Mian Manzoor Ahmed
  • Muhammad Aslam Chaudhary

Properties Of  This Book:

  • Political Science For MCQs
  • For CSS
  • M.A  Political Science
  • Lecturer Test & Other Competitive Exams With Latest Solved Papers
  • Objective paper 1 & 2
  • English Medium & Use To Easy Language
  • General knowledge Book


Important Note About This Book:

  • Western Political Thought The Greeks Plate Aristotle Machiavelli HobbesLocks Rousseau bantam Mill Marx Lenin Mao
  • Muslim Political Thought Al Farabi Al Mawardi Nazam ul Mulk Tusi Al Ghazali Ibn Khaldun Allama Iqbal Model Objective question Solved 5 Sets paper 1 5Sets paper 2 Some Important Objective types Questions Unit II
  • Sir syed Ahmad Khan & Aligarh Movement
  • Administrative Structures of Pakistan & Good Governance Some Important books and their writers Book related of Pakistan   Glimpses of  world History List of heads of state & Government List of Prime minister president vice president Of UK USA USSR France China India Iran Turkey & Pakistan
  • List of countries by data of Transition to republican System of Government  List of countries by System of Government president / separated republican World Constitutional Amendments to the Constitutional USA India & Pakistan 100 best political questions  heads of important officers international Organizational Important Treaties International MCQs important Cities of worlds important cities situated on the river bank changed Names of Some Cities State & Countries Geographical Epithets Glossary of Important political terms Miscellaneous Topics CSS Solved papers

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