Doctor Master Text Book Of Zoology For Bs By Dr. Riaz-ul-Haq


Main Topics Included:

Paper B For Punjab University for B.Sc 3rd Year Invertebrate Diversity

  • Introduction, Animal Like Protists: Protozoans, Multicellular and Tissue Level Organization, The Triploblastic Acoelomate Body Plan, The Pseudocoelomate Body: Aschelminthes, Molluscan Success, Annelida: The Metameric Body Form, The Arthropods: Blueprint of Success, The Hexapoda and Mayriapoda, The Echinoderms.

Paper C For Punjab University for B.Sc 4th Year Chordate Diversity

  • Hemichordata and Chordata, The Fishes: Vertebrate Success in Water, The Amphibians, Reptiles: The First Amniotes, Birds: Feather, Flight and Endothermy, Mammals.
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  • Master Success Series
  • According to Syllabus Approved by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad (Derived form Miller / Harley)
  • Applicable to all the Universities of Pakistan
  • Animal Diversity: Invertebrate and Chordate (Classification, Phylogeny and Organization)
  • For B.Sc / Associative Degree (AD): Paper B (For Other Universities)
  • For B.Sc Paper B (3rd Year) & Paper C (4th Year) (For Punjab Universities)
  • For B.S. (Four Years) Paper III and IV

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