Agriculture and Forestry Book For CSS By Dr Tasawar Abbas


Purpose of this Book :

For CSS PMS & Other Competitive Exams

Important topic :

  • Concept of Integrated Agriculture
  • Challenges in Pakistan Agriculture
  • Element of Climate and their Relationship with crop Growth
  • Genetic Improvement For Crop Production
  • Horticulture
  • Rainfed and Irrigated Agriculture
  • Range Management and Utilization
  • Introduction and Signification of Forest Rangeland wildlife
  • Wood Based Industries and Silviculture in Pakistan
  • National and International Forest wealth Statistic


World times Agriculture and Forestry for CSS PMS by Dr Tasawar Abbas Basra is an important book that covers all topics given in the syllabus of this subject.

The new Syllabus has been put into effect starting from the 2016-2017 school year, so students will have more questions on their papers than before!

Topics include their technical knowledge application as well relevance to Pakistan or world existing issues related to them: strategies for overcoming these problems are also addressed throughout each chapter.

The Agriculture and Forestry for CSS. PMC, and PMT by Dr Tasawar Abbas Basra has covered Concept of Integrated agriculture Challenges in Pakistan. He reported that the climate elements affect crop production positively with rainfall.

But, negatively on dry land due to high temperature which caused decrease/losses depending upon the period being present now or future forecasted scenarios respectively.

Genetic improvement is needed to increase yields as well reduce reliance on external resources through sustainable use practices.

The book states that the improved nutrient cycling systems without overburdening our planet’s ability withstand global warming impacts.

The increased drought vulnerability among other relevant topics discussed within this book includes range management utilizations of renewable energies compared with Woods Based Industries Silviculture National and International Forest Wealth Statistics.

Feature of this Book :

This Book has covered each topic given in CSS Syllabus of this Subject The  New Syllabus is in Implementation for the Last five Year (2016 and onward ) and this Book has Addressed all the Question asked in papers of this year

Each topic of Syllabus has been Covered from multiple aspects including its technical Knowledge application of the Concepts relevance of  this topic in the Felid Scenarios in Pakistan or World Existing issues related to the topic and Strategies to overcome this Issues. It imparts as Question Asked in the papers revolve around these Spheres Knowledge


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