Town Planning and Urban Management Book For CSS by Hassan Ali


Important Topic :

  • Introduction  To Town Planning
  • Understanding Town and Its Development
  • Planning Theory & Town Planning Process
  • Historical Perspective of Urban Planning
  • History of Planning in  Pakistan
  • Conceptualization Urbanization
  • Settlement Hierarchy
  • Understanding Transportation & Intelligent Transport System
  • Housing & Housing Community
  • Community and Economic Development
  • Urban Design & its Management
  • Urban Information System


The book is an extremely helpful resource for those who are looking to learn about Town Planning and Urban Management. It meets the new syllabus set out by CSS with relevant information that can be applied in any situation, whether it be current affairs or historical facts; all topics have been handled sensitively so as not to leave readers feeling disenfranchised by their lack of knowledge on certain subjects -every topic has its section devoted specifically towards catering these needs!

Town and city planning is a complex topic that deserves more than just an academic look for understanding its place in society. This book provides it through history, theory & process of town-planning as well as settlements hierarchy with an introduction on what they are all about to set out some fundamentals before delving into specific cases such as plan development projects like Islamabad (Pakistan). Additionally, there’s also a perspective from around the world which includes China; India; Brazil etc.

The Town Planning and Urban Management book by Hassan Ali Gondal includes a variety of topics, but some key pieces discussed include how transportation systems work with the intelligent transport system. Housing is also covered in-depth as it pertains to communities from apartment complexes up through townhouses for those who live alone or have families at home; economic development can be seen as an incentive that helps keep money flowing into cities so they may continue improving their infrastructure- whether this means expanding public transit options like bus rapid ways (BRT) during rush hour traffic hours on major roads — which reduce congestion significantly.

Feature of this Book :

This Book  on the Town Planning and Urban Management in Accordance with the New Syllabus of CSS Prescribed by FPSC All the Material is Arranged in strict relevancy to the Subject and the Subject matter is treated in a Sample and Lucid manner with the Primary object to Cater the need of CSS Aspirants


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