To the Point Political Science Book By Zahid Hussain Anjum


  • To the point Political Science Paper 1 & 2
  • For CSS,PMS,PCS & All other Relevant Exams
  • Soft Binding
  • Number of pages 568
  • Competitive Exam Book


A lot of students in competitive exam boards like CCS often choose political science as an option, and it’s hard to find a book that contains complete material helpful for getting good marks.
However, Zahid Hussain Anjum’s Point Political Science Paper 1 & 2 For CSS PMS solved these papers with ease; this is due largely because his book has practice questions on them–something other texts don’t typically include (and also lack any sort of MCQ).
The book, “Political Science Paper 1 & 2 For CSS PMS” by Zahid Hussain Anjum is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn more about Plato’s theory of ideal state or Aristotle philosophy on politics.
It contains the latest information from different experts in this field that will provide you with fascinating insights into their research findings and theories at hand!
With 568 pages full of knowledge regarding these topics including general will Theory which has only recently been introduced onto many universities courses. Indeed every page may contain statements not yet seen anywhere else.
A perfect book for all Competitive Exam PSUs, this one covers both Paper I&II of PMS. From an author who has written many books on different subjects related to politics and competition exams such as CSS, PCS (Professional Competition Scholar), Anjum’s latest work is sure to be a life changer!

Main Purpose of this Book:

  • For CSS PMS and other Relevant Exams
  • ⇒  Most Expected MCQs
  • ⇒ Past Paper
  • ⇒ Paper 1 & 2 (CSS 2019)
  • ⇒Paper 1 & 2 (CSS2020)


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