This is Going to Hurt Book By Adam Kay


  • This is Going to Hurt
  • The award Winning million copy bestseller
  • Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor
  • Written by Adam Kay
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  • This is Going to Hurt
  • The award Winning million copy bestseller
  • Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor
  • Written by Adam Kay

This is Going to Hurt in Including

  • Introduction House Senior House Officer post 1 2 3
  • Register post 1 2 3 Senior Register aftermath
  • An open Letter to the Secretary of state for Health Afterword Extra daily Entry Acknowledgment


In 2020 After six Year of training and a further six Year on the wards  I Resigned from my Job as an NHS Doctor my Parents Still have not forgive me

The British adore The HNS you see Its Our Absolute Pride & Joy think of us as that Family down the street who own as a 1940 vintage car I takes leaded Petrol we indicate by Sticking our hand out window & Start the English by cranking a Handle on the front but it all skill works its been our Family for generations and people come from all over just to see it the never get one of their own they just a admire it our driveway you can explain as much as you like that there are never types of car that go much faster or have the latest Technology or are more fuel efficient you can point out that with money we spend  on keeping our old banger roadworthy we could buy a fleet of brand new cars every Years but you will never convince use to change

it is not matter of logic its not even a matter of nostalgia its love The HHS was founded in 1948 on three principals that still hold today that it meets that needs of the whole populations that its free at the point of delivery & That treatment is given According to clinical Need not ability to pay other potentially more efficient system have sprung up around that world but none fairer

in 2015 health secretary for reason rather unknow decided to wage war on the country junior doctor he announced he was imposing a new Contract of them one that impact profoundly on their Working conditions and therefor directly affect patient safety something no doctor ever stand for with the government refusing to negotiate and no other option seemingly available the doctors Voted to take strike Action

the government Propaganda machine want in to overdrive repeatedly informing the Public that Doctor were striking because they were greedy that they were holding  that country ransom for highly pay .

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