The Grammar Tree Book 1 2nd Edition By Oxford


Main Topics Included :

  • Names of Things, Names of Some More Things
  • Every Morning, My Toys and Games
  • Name of Living Things: Animal and Birds, Some More Names: Animals and Birds
  • Name of Living and Non-Living Things, Naming Words – 1 , Naming Words – 2, A Scene
  • Checkpoint 1 (Describing Words – 1, Describing Words – 2, Describing Words – 3, Capital Letters and Small Letters, Full Stops, ‘A’ and ‘An’, Alphabetical Order, At the Park, Who Am I?, One, Two, Three…Many)
  •  Checkpoint 2 (Shopping, Doing Words, What Are They Doing?, Naming Words and Special Names, Lazy Bobo, Where Are They?, Words Ending in -ly, Questions, The Fox and the Crow)
  • Checkpoint 3 (Fun With Sentences – 1, Fun With Sentences – 2, Old King Cole, Joining Word: ‘And’, Joining Word: ‘Because’, ‘He’, ‘She’ and ‘They’, Days of the Week, Sounds that Animals Make, A Picnic)
  • Checkpoint 4 (Sentences: A Mixed Bag, My Fun Train, Magic Wishes, Zonko, Mimi’s Garden, Bobby’s Birthday Party, Ayan’s School Bag, My Pet, Ooga, By the River, Bedtime
  • Checkpoint 5 End-of-Year Tests
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Important Note About This Book :

Basic English Grammar And Composition…

  • The Grammar Tree (Second Edition) 1-8 is a Series Developed to Address the Need for a Graded, Rule-Based Grammar Course with Extensive Explanations and Exercises. The Series is Based on the Actual Classroom Experience of the Authors and Their Interaction With Teachers of the Subject.

Special Features of This Edition :

  • The Series Has Been Revised in the Light Of User Feedback and This has Necessitated the Introduction of Some New Topics
  • Exercises Have Been Extensively Revised and New Comprehension Passages Have Been Added At All Levels
  • An Attempt Jas Been Made to Arrange the Chapters, As Far As Possible, in Such a Manner That Similar or Inter-Related Topics Follow One Another
  • The Units Have Been Broken Down Into Smaller and More Manageable Ones.
  • Explanations Are Followed by Examples and Exercises to Ensure That Fundamental Concepts Are Understood and Assimilated Before a New or Related Topic is Introduced.
  • Care Has Been Taken to Draw the Attention of Learners to Exceptions to Rules, Correct Usage, and Common Errors.
  • Formative Assessments and End-of-Year Tests Have Been Added to Assess Learner’s Understanding of Concepts Throughout the School Year.

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