PMA Long Course Preparation Book – After Intermediate and Graduation


Key Features of Pakistan Military Academy PMA 145th and 146th Long Course, Graduate Course 2020 Guide:

  • Selection Procedure
  • Pakistan Military Academy Online Test Format
  • PMA Long Course Online Test
  • And Study Tips


Prepare for the PMA Long Course using PMA Long Course Preparation Book. Using this book, you will be able to prepare for the PMA Long Course Exam. The book will help you prepare for all the subjects that are tested in the PMA exam. Besides, this book is arranged with standard materials and will help you in the long course exam of PMA and your ISSB exam. Also, there are past papers online in the book. Prepare to use past papers. This will help you understand the questions asked in the exam. Also, it will introduce you to the style of paper.

PMA Long Course Preparation Book Cover the complete Syllabus including the Subjects:

  1. Verbal Intelligence Test
  2. Non-verbal Intelligence Test
  3. English
  4. Islamiyat
  5. General Knowledge And MCQ’s
  6. Pak Study
  7. Mathematics
  8. Quantitative Ability
  9. Everyday Sciences

This book provides you with the best material for your preparation. Our mission is to contribute to the success of a broad audience through the availability of affordable learning resources. Visit our website to access books with standard content that will help you prepare particularly well for the upcoming exam.

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