Paramount Medical Histology Book By Laiq Hussain Siddiqui


Edition :

  • ( 6th & Revised )

Main Topics include :

  • The Cell
  • Epithelium & Glands
  • Connective Tissue & Connective Tissue proper
  • Cartilage & Bone
  • Blood & Muscle Tissue
  • Nervous Tissue
  • Cerebrum, cerebellum ,and spinal cord
  • Circulatory system & Immune system
  • Integumentary system & Endocrine system
  • Respiratory system & Digestive Tract
  • Urinary system
  • Male & Female Reproductive system
  • Eye & Ear
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Distinctive Points Of  The Book :

  • In this edition of Medical histology, the subject matter has been revised to incorporate latest advances in the knowledge of microscopic anatomy, while maintaining the basic principles of presentation of the knowledge to the students in a simplified manner and correlation of the structure and function.
  • To give the book status of ‘ Text & Atlas ‘ ,the images of the microscopic sections of various tissues and organs have been added with appropriate explanations.
  • Many of the diagrams included in the previous edition have been amended to make them more explicit ,whereas many new diagrams and illustrations have been added to facilitate understanding of the text.

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