Pakistan And World Affairs Book For CSS PMS By Shamshad Ahmad


The Story Of Pakistan Is One Of Remorseless Tug and Pull 


  • CSS PMS PCS , Current Affairs
  • MA Political Science & All Other Relevant exams

Main Topics Included :

  • Pakistan History and Historical Background
  • Post Independence  Pakistan Chequered History
  • Basics Facts About Pakistan
  • Pakistan Domestic Issues and Challenges
  • Pakistan Foreign Policy
  • India Pakistan Gridlock
  • The United Nation and International Organizations
  • Global Economics issues
  • World Affairs
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Important Note About This Book :

  • Books on history and world affairs provide the real nourishment to the quest for knowledge based awareness .
  • Most of these textbook represent conditions ,if not prejudiced ,opinion on international issues which often confuses Pakistani Students and academic


Pakistan’s History & Historical Background

  •  Pakistan’s History and Historical Background
  •  Advent of Islam in the Subcontinent
  •  Establishment of Muslim Rule
  • The Mughal Empire (1526-1858)
  • Decline of the Mughal Empire
  • British Arrival in India
  • The War of Independence (1857)
  • Impact of Islam in India
  • British Colonial Rule (1858-1947)
  • Towards a Separate Muslim Homeland
  • Pakistan Movement: The Final Phase
  • Radcliffe Award
  • Emergence of Pakistan
  • An Unpalatable Legacy
  • A Plethora of Problems


Pakistan’s Foreign Policy & External Relations

  • Foreign Policy of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Relations with its Neighbours
  • Pakistan and Major Powers
  • Pakistan and Major Regions

India-Pakistan Gridlock

  • India-Pakistan Issues
  • Kargil Episode (1999)
  • India-Pakistan Trade Issue
  • Pakistan’s India Policy


The United Nations & International

  • The United Nations
  • The Working of the UN
  • The UN System
  • The United Nations Mandates
  • Secretaries-General of the United Nations
  • United Nations’ Challenges in the 21st century

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