JWT To the Point Current Affairs Book For CSS By Waseem Riaz


Revised & Update Edition

For :

  • CSS,PMS & Other Competitive Exams

Main Topics Included :

  • Pakistan domestic affairs
  • Pakistan external affairs
  • Global Issues


In the book “To the Point Current Affairs” written by Waseem Riaz Khan, each chapter provides a comprehensive overview of an important issue in Pakistan. Topics range from domestic affairs to global issues such as human rights and energy politics, among others!
In this revised edition certain changes have been made which add more material not included before; thus making it perfect for competitive exams like CSS or PMC – you will never be at a loss when preparing your papers again thanks to these helpful chapters written by one who has done extensive research upon them all.
The book To the Point Current Affairs by Waseem Riaz Khan is perfect for people who are interested in learning about all of Pakistan’s domestic and international affairs.

Important Note About This Book :

  • This edition contains the fruits  of the writer close study and research
  • This book covers Pakistan domestic affairs, political, economic, and social
  • Moreover, it also covers global issues, including human rights, global issues, Populations, terrorism, energy politics, and much more,
  • In this revised edition certain changes have been made, many new topics which were missed in the earlier edition have been added.
  • Most importantly, the data in many topics have also been updated. The book cannot be claimed to be the best one

Pakistan’s Domestic Affairs

  • Balochistan Insurgency in its Entirety
  • Corruption
  • Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Pakistan and Mitigation Measures
  • China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
  • Crisis of Education in Pakistan
  • Democracy and Political Instability in Pakistan
  • Economic Survey of Pakistan FY2020-21
  • Economic Profile of Pakistan
  • Foreign Policy of Pakistan and Present Challenges
  • Geo-strategic Significance of Pakistan
  • Global Warming and its Impacts on Water Resource of Pakistan
  • Modem Challenges to the National Security of Pakistan
  • Modem Socio-economic Challenges to Pakistan
  • Modem Wars of Pakistan
  • National Development in Pakistan Lies in Gender Equality
  • National Digital Policy of Pakistan
  • New Political Map of Pakistan and What does it Indicate?
  • Over-population
  • Promoting Tourism in Pakistan
  • Reforming Institutions in Pakistan
  • Religious Intolerance in Pakistan
  • Single National Curriculum (SNC)
  • Solutions to the Troubled Agricultural Sector of Pakistan
  • Solutions to the Troubled Industrial Sector of Pakistan
  • Water Crisis in Pakistan


Pakistan’s External Affairs

  • Changing Regional Dynamics and Pakistan’s Response To It
  • Afghanistan: Rise of Taliban and Implications for Pakistan
  • Future of Kashmir Cause and Options Left for Pakistan
  • India, Pakistan: An ‘Antagonistic’ Relationship
  • India-US Relations in the age of Modi and Biden
  • Pak-Afghan Relations
  • China-Pakistan Relations
  • Pak-lran Relations
  • Pakistan and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation- Relations and Strengthening the OIC
  • Russia, China & Pakistan: An Emerging New Axis?
  • Pakistan and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
  • Pakistan-Turkey Relations
  • Pakistan at the United Nations
  • Pakistan-US Relationship under President Biden
  • South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)


Global Issues

  • A New Cold War? Causes and Future of the Emerging US-China Rivalry
  • Arab-Israel Deals: Implications & Reactions
  • AUKUS Pact, Global Gateway and Open Skies Treaty
  • B3WVS. BRI
  • Emerging China-Iran Ties and Implications for Pakistan and India
  • Emerging South China Sea Dispute
  • Feminism
  • Future Lies in Maximum Application of Artificial Intelligence
  • Global Challenges in 2021: Reshaping World
  • Global Implications of Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Global Power Dynamics and Pakistan’s Foreign Policy
  • Globalization
  • Growing Threat of Global Warming
  • India-China Border Issues and Implications for Region
  • Information Technology





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