JWT History Of USA Book For CSS By Tauqeer Ahmed


Top 20 Questions Series Jahangir World Times :

Main Topics Included:

  • “Checks and Balances” In American Constitution
  • American Foreign Policy and American Interests
  • American Revolution as an Evolutionary Process
  • Great Depression and New Deal
  • Westward Expansion: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Evolution of American Politics After Independence
  • Comparison of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson
  • Civil War and the Slavery in America
  • Civil Rights Movement and Achievement of an Equal America
  • Role of United States in First World War
  • Pakistan-United States Relations
  • Role of United States in Latin America
  • Perception of United States Among Muslims
  • Struggle for Rights of American Women
  • Reasons Behind Union Victory in American Civil War
  • Economic and Political Rise of United States After Second World War
  • Role of America in International Conflicts Since Second World War
  • Contrast of Domestic Progressivism and International Expansionism of America
  • Comparison of Revolutionary War and War of 1812
  • Comparison Between War on Terror and New World Order
  • Outline of USA History
  • Bibliography
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Important Note About This Book :

  • Most of the books for CSS in the markets deal with acquiring of that knowledge .But ,these books do not guide students to how to transform this knowledge into writing .
  • Jahangir World times publications ,which is pioneer in guiding students for competitive Examination ,has took the step to fill this gap by introducing ” Top 20 questions series “.
  • This Book will help the students to organize  their thoughts into coherent arguments in  the light of new syllabus  of History of United states of America .

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