Jahangir Winning Essays Book For CSS, PMS By Zaffar Siddique


  • Jahangir Winning Essays Book by Jahangir Publisher that helped him to achieve success in competitive exams like CSS and PMS.
  • The winning Essays of a book on CSS PMS will be able to make progress in their career by being promoted within the civil service.
  • The book provides clear, concise information on all aspects of the exam, from the syllabus to essay writing tips.




Table of  Contents

Introduction to Essay Writing

  • Cooperation nor Competition would Lead the World towards Peace & Prosperity
  • Individual Liberties must be Sacrificed to Secure Collective Liberties
  • Value of Dissent
  • Development is about Transforming Lives of People rather than Economies
  • Moral Values have been Compromised owing to Commercialism
  • Evaluation of Education System of Pakistan
  • World as a Global Village: Learning to Live Together
  • Innovative Ideas and Social Development are Essential for Sustainable Economic Growth
  • Governance Crisis in Pakistan: need for Reforms and Institution Building
  • National Integration in Pakistan
  • Advancement in Science and Technology is the Gateway to the Economic Prosperity of a Country
  • Humans are the Biggest threat to Planet Earth
  • Ravaging the Mother Earth
  • Comprehensive Judicial System is Essential for National Progress
  • “O Wind If Winter comes can Spring be far behind”
  • The Traditional Role of Male has not (“hanged in 20 Years)
  • Role of Public Opinion
  • Impediments to National Progress
  • Does Media also need to have a Code of Ethics?
  • Man is Born Free but everywhere He is in Chains
  • Predicament of the Muslim World
  • Failure of our Education System Must Assume the Responsibility for Our Failures
  • The Western Perception of Islam
  • Might is Right!
  • Predicament of the Muslim World
  • Democracy without Accountability is a Sham Democracy
  • Human Resource Development – A Gateway to Progress
  • Is CPEC a Game Changer for Pakistan?

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