Ilmi Islamic Economics Book by Prof. Abdul Hameed



  • Economic Problem and Islamic View of Life
  • Need and Nature of Islamic Economics
  • Moral Values & Economic System of Islam
  • Islam and Other Economic Systems
  • Consumption
  • Production
  • (i) Behaviour of Firm under the Influence of Islamic Spirit
  • (ii) Islam and Price Mechanism
  • Islam and the Distribution of Wealth (1)
  • Islam and Distribution of Wealth (2)
  • Prohibition of Interest & Interest Free Banking
  • Islamic Modes of Financing
  • 1- Fiscal Policy
  • 2- The Institution of Bait-ul-Mal
  • 3- Theory of Taxation in Islam
  • Inflation in an Islamic Economy
  • International Trade and Islam
  • Islam and Economic Development and Economic Planning
  • Economic Role of Islamic State
  • Evaluation of Islamization of Economy in Pakistan
  • Social Justice in Islam
  • Role of Muslim Economists Or
  • (Contribution of Muslim Economists to the Development of Economics as a Science)
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