English Essays Book For Competitive Exams CSS By Iqra Liaqat


Main Essays :

  • Essays on Islam
  • Essays on Pakistan
  • Quotati0n and Proverbial Essays
  • Essays on Education and Literature
  • Essays on Economy
  • Essay on Political
  • Essays on Environment
  • Essays on Communication Media
  • Biographical Essays
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The Purpose of this Book:

  • For CSS PMS & Other Competitive Exams

⇒ For CSS PMS & Other Competitive Exams

⇒ Latest Edition

⇒ With New Outline Plan and Organize Essay

Table of Contents

Fundamentals of Essay Writing

  • What is Essay Writing?
  • How to Plan and Organize Essay.
  • Problems of Paragraph.
  • How to Write Strong Conclusion.
  • Effective Writing.


Essays on Islam

  • Status of Women in Islam.
  • Ideology of Islam.
  • Are Modern Wars Not Holy Wars?
  • Islam -The Religion of Peace.
  • Problems of The Muslim Ummah.

Essays on Pakistan

  • Water Crisis in Pakistan – Causes and Consequences.
  • Corruption: Real Threat To Pakistan.
  • The Crisis of Good Governance in Pakistan.
  • Status of Women in Pakistan.
  • Democracy and Illiteracy Don’t Move Together.
  • Is Pakistan Ready for Digital Revolution.
  • Is Colonial Mentality Impeding Pakistan’s Progress? (CSS Essay 2017)
  • Pakistan’s Role and Relevance in 21st Century.
  • Emergence of Street Power and Its Challenges yo Democracy in Pakistan.
  • Why There is Bad Governance in Pakistan?
  • Strategies For Alleviation of Poverty.
  • Critical Analysis of Education System in Pakistan.
  • Disaster Management in Pakistan
  • Women Empowerment.
  • Pakistan Rich in Natural Resources, But Poor in Their Management or Pakistan is a Rich Country Where Poor People Live.
  • Foreign Policy of Pakistan.
  • Accountability is Essential yo The Development of Pakistan.
  • Impact of CNG Load Shedding on Daily Routine.
  • Terrorism The Biggest Threat to Pakistan.
  • Moral Degradation of Pakistani Society.
  • Social Reform or Social Reform in Pakistan Points.
  • The Problem of Unemploment.


Quotational and Proverbial Essays

  • Punctuality is Virtue of Bored
  • Free Speech Should Have Limitations
  • When Flatters Get Together, The Devil Goes to Dinner
  • If Gold Rusts, What Shall Iron Do?
  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words
  • Gender Equality is a Myth
  • The World does not Progress It Merely Changes or The Golden Age is not Behind us But Before Us
  • Can Meaning Be Fixed
  • Never Never Never Give Up
  • Where There is a Will, There is a Way
  • By Pains Men Come To Greater Pains
  • All That Glitters is Not Gold
  • A Stitch Time Saves Nine


Essays on Education & Literature

  • Liberal Education
  • What has Gone Wrong with the System of Education in Pakistan?
  • Urdu Literature and Progressive Movement
  • Do We Really Need Literature in our Lives?
  • Covid-19 Impact on Education in Pakistan
  • Privatizing Higher Education – Generating Knowledge or
  • Making More Money for the Opulent (CSS – 2014)
  • Literature is the best Criticism of Life

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