Dogar High Scoring Current Affairs Guide Book by Waqas Ahmad


Feature of this Book :

  • Selected Important Topics For Current Affairs 2022
  • Covering CSS PMS PCS & other Competitive Exams
    Solved Question Based on the Exam Pattern
  • Step by step Approach to High Scoring Answer
  • Updated for 2021 Exam


The Dogar the High Scoring Guide is super easy to learn and includes all possible questions that can be asked in an upcoming test. The most excellent guide for any exam with a score of 100% It is a perfect way to turn your knowledge of current affairs into points. This book uses an innovative scoring system that rewards you with exceptional scores according which level of expertise and clarity you have achieved in each section, offering both beginner learners as well as experienced citizens insights they need about our world today. This book covers all topics relevant in 2021 exam pattern and provides step by step approach towards high-scores answers that are sure not only increase marks but also provide greater impact on admissions too. In this new book, Dogar gives insightful information about current affairs in Pakistan. These subjects include: major economic challenges such as instruments and techniques for hybrid warfare. The othe tiopics are main causes of energy crisis with a specific focus on natural resources use which has been decreasing over time Other topics discussed by Waqas Ahmad include annual budget discussions between central government departments/agencies such as finance ministry etc., FATA reforms 2020-2025 plans and much more.

Important Topic :

  • Current Affairs (Domestic Issues)
  • Pakistan Foreign Relations
  • Current Affairs (International )
  • CSS Current Affairs Question Papers
  • Discuss the Kashmir Problem

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