BS Methods Of Mathematical Physics Book by Abdul Shakoor


For BS/ M.Sc Physics Students Of all Pakistani Universities

Main Topics included :

  • Vector analysis
  • Tensor
  • Matrix Algebra
  • Group Theory
  • Complex Number
  • Theorem
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Important Note About This Book :

  • This Book may be used in a wide variety of ways. It ca be used as the basis for a variety of courses, from short lecture courses on a Specific topic in Methods Of Mathematical Physics-I
  • This book is based on lecture notes and the data has been collected from various recommended books and articles


Table of Content

Vector Analysis

  • Scalar and Vector
  • Scalar Product
  • Vector Product
  • Triple Product
  • The Gradient
  • The Divergence
  • The Curl
  • Curl of Vector
  • Curl and Divergence
  • Stokes’s Theorem
  • Green’s Theorem in a Plane
  • System of Coordinates
  • Cylindrical Coordinates
  • Spherical Polar Coordinates



  • Scalar, Vector and Dyadic
  • Kronecker Delta
  • Symmetric and Anti-symmetric Tensor
  • Levi-civita symbol/Permutation symbol/Eplison Tensor
  • Fundamental Operation with Tensors

Matrix Algebra

  • Matrix
  • Jacobi Identity
  • Successive Rotation
  • Symmetry Properties
  • Properties of Matrix
  • Matrix Matrices
  • Orthogonal Transpose Matrix
  • Pauli and Dirac Matrix
  • Eigen Vectors and Eigen Values
  • Diagonalization of Matrix
  • Inertia Matrix


Group Theory

  • Introduction
  • Isomorphism and Homomorphism
  • Orthogonal Group (O3)
  • Dihedral Group


Complex Number

  • De Moivre’s formula
  • Analytical Function
  • Evaluation of Complex Integral
  • -Harmonic Functions
  • Elementary Function

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