AFNS Test Preparation Book Latest Edition 2023 [Recommended]


This book is for females who want to become a nurse in Pakistan Army. The Pakistan Army opens its induction process for AFNS and Trained Nursing. This book will prepare you for the initial test of the Nursing Course.

Salient Features:

  • Subject Wise MCQs
  • Intelligence Test
  • General Knowledge Notes
  • As per the AFNS syllabus
  • Personality Test
  • High Scoring Tips
  • Academic Portion

This AFNS Test Preparation Book contains all necessary material and a complete syllabus for the AFNF Test.






Pakistan Army is one of the most prestigious institutions in Pakistan. It is the dream of almost every youngster in the country to join Pakistan’s armed forces whether it is of the Pakistan Army, Navy, or Air force.

Pakistan Armed force’s main recruitment as the officer comes after passing F.Sc or Equivalent and if you get good marks you can join Pak Armed Forces as an officer.

  • In the Pakistan Navy, you can be recruited as PN Cadet.
  • In the Pakistan Air force, you can become a pilot.
  • In Pakistan Army, you can become 2nd Leftenant

PakArmyRanks provide the best and to the point books for the preparation of these tests as well as other recruitments such as sailor in the navy or soldier in the Pakistan Army after matric.

If you want your child to be enrolled in Cadet/Military College you can check out our Cadet College books that will help your child in preparation for the test of Cadet and Military Colleges.

Join the Defenders of the nation and be a piece of a pledge to serve Pakistan from calamity help to full-scale Operations. Whichever field you select, you will be in for a real existence of experience, difficulties, and openings that won’t come close to some other career. The only thing that is important is that you are prepared to adopt new aptitudes and have the soul to serve the nation with full energy.


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