A History of Pakistan Novels in English Book by Zafar Iqbal Rao from 1947 till 2008


Table of content

Chapter 1

  • Main Idea

Chapter 2

  • Background
  • Perspectives on 1947 Partition
  • Pakistani Diaspora
  • Socio-Cultural and Political Conditions of Pakistan
  • Post-colonial Studies and Models

Chapter 3

  • Perspectives on 1947 Partition
  • Pakistan: A Dream
  • A Gory Journey to Separation
  • A Hopeful Futuristic Vision

Chapter 4

  • Themes of Expatriation and Immigration
  • Clash of Civilizations
  • Identity Crisis/Depersonalization
  • Alienation

Chapter 5

  • Socio-Cultural Themes
  • Western (Colonial) Superiority
  • Revising Histories: The Empire Writes Back Retaliation
  • Colonial/Cultural inferiority Complex
  • Indigenous Colonization/Feudalism
  • Postcolonial Feminist Fiction (Triple Marginalization)

Chapter 6

  • Socio-Political Themes
  • Second Partition of Pakistan (1971)
  • Institutionalized Politics and Military Rule
  • Contemporary Socio-Political Issues and Pakistani English Fiction
  • Hope for a Progressive Future

Chapter 7

  • Postcolonial T themes in Thew Ake of 9/10
  • Reframing Pakistani-American Identity after 9/11
  • Literary Reinterpretations of ‘War on Terror’


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About the Author: Professor: Zafar Iqbal Rao

Zafar Iqbal Rao studied English Literature form University of the Punjab, late obtaining an Mphil degree in Iqbaliat form Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad.

He wrote Deeda Ver (Urdu) in 2004 and Iqbal and His Contemporary Western.

Literary Movements (English) in 2000.

He is currently running an N.G.O in the name of his father, The NGO is called Mehfooz Memorial Welfare Society Okara where free medical treatment is provided to the needy patients.

He is an executive member of the NGO Hera Social Welfare Society Okara.

The NGO is running three charity schools.

He has Worked in the Domain of Administration as well as Academia.

He had been District Education Officer Okara from 2004 till 2005.

He also worked in the Capacity of Project Director Cadet College Okara from 2005 till 2010.

After that, he served as the founder Principal of this college for two years.

He has be en teaching since 1985 in Public Sector Institutes.

At present, he is serving as a Professor of English and Head of the English Department at Government College of Science, Lahore.


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