Edtech Startup Freadom Encourages English Language Learning via Speech AI

This Gurugram based edtech startup called Freadom was launched in 2016 by Kavish Gadia and Nikhil Saraf after eight years of continuous effort and research in learning and reading science. They have developed an app available on both Android and iOS for individuals to begin their personalized English language learning journey.

Freadom enables individuals to learn to read in English in any country where it is an aspirational second language. It includes content for children aged three to twelve years old, including stories, quizzes, live courses, storytelling sessions, news, activities, and speech games. As the youngster uses the app, the app continuously assesses their level and directs them toward improvement, all of which can be monitored.

“The app has spent years developing on speech AI, Nikhil explains, and can now assist youngsters track their oral fluency using their inbuilt advanced speech assessment in cooperation with Carnegie Mellon Speech.”

According to Nikhil, Freadom is a data science-focused edtech company with a patented state-of-the-art recommendation engine developed in cooperation with Stanford University that allows for extreme app personalization. It’s the first app to use voice AI to assess oral fluency – he boasts, “like Microsoft OS for computers, we’re the Operating System for the globe learning English as a second language.”

For children who require a higher level of engagement and direction can register in paid live virtual lessons taught by teachers who have been educated in the Freadom system.

Freadom believes it competes with YouTube in terms of English material, and it considers digital library EPIC to be a competitor in the reading sector.

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